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About a Bruce



Thanks for taking an interest in my work! Whether you've got a project in mind or just want to say hey, please get in touch at



​​​​​​​​​Bio :

I grew up in the countryside by the shores of Lake Michigan. Nature and fantasy were two of my main interests from very early on. I continued to not-so-secretly focus on magic, monsters, and myths while studying scientific illustration at the University of Michigan.

Pursuit of diverse environments and experiences led me around the world in search of artistic inspiration: a field sketching trip to Southern Africa, months amidst ancient ruins of Anatolia, six years working and traveling throughout China and other parts of East Asia.


The magical realism of places I've visited and places I've imagined are the heart of my current work as an illustrator and independent artist. I currently live in Seattle with my wife and carnivorous plants.


Clients :

Monte Cook Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Mega Crit Games, Lone Shark Games, Open Legend RPG, Phoenix Online Studios, Pinkerton Road Studios



Social Media :







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